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Cash Collect Roulette

Cash Collect Roulette Slot Review

18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly
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Cash Collect Roulette Free Demo Game

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Basic Information

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Cash Collect™ Roulette is a fixed-odds betting game based on roulette with a 3D roulette wheel.

Cash Collect™ Roulette introduces a win multiplier feature on inside bets. Each spin, up to 5 numbers are chosen at random and will be marked in a special color. If you place an inside bet on any number in a special color and the ball lands on that number, the Cash Collect™ Bonus feature is triggered.

To Play The Game

  1. The Betting Table, where bets can be placed.
  2. The Neighbors Table, where Neighbors bets can be placed.
  3. 3D Wheel where the Roulette wheel is visible.

Cash Collect™ Bonus

Every spin, up to 5 numbers (straight numbers 0-36) will be chosen at random and mark them in a special color on the roulette table.

If the ball lands on a number in a special color, and you bet on that number (any of the inside bets), the Cash Collect™ Bonus will be triggered.

During the Cash Collect™ Bonus, the straight bet is taking the full bet (1) to the bonus round, a split bet taking half the bet (1/2) to the bonus round, street bet taking one third of the bet (1/3) to the bonus round, corner bet taking one fourth of the bet (1/4) to the bonus round, line bet taking one sixth of the bet (1/6) to the bonus round.

Example: If you bet 10$ on number 25, and 25 is marked as a lucky number and the ball lands on 25, you will trigger the Cash Collect™ Bonus with 10$.

Please note: In some cases, the final total win will be higher than the visual result due to rounding down logic.

The Cash Collect™ Bonus contains 3 types of prizes:

  • The Cash Prize is the Red prize in the Inner Wheel, it is shown as a multiplier on your Bonus bet.
  • The Bonus Prize is the Blue number on the Inner Wheel, it shows as +(number) which indicates how many initial spin the player starts the Bonus with.
  • The Cash Collect™ Prize, which may award you one of the special prizes (Minor/Major/Grand), which will be chosen randomly.

The Minor is X50 of the bonus bet, the Major is X200, and the Grand is X500.

When the ball lands on a number that is marked as color and you bet one of the inner bets on it, the corresponding prize in the inner wheel will be granted.

When the Red Cash Prize or the Blue Bonus Prize are triggered, you will see an inner wheel with 3 empty slots. At this phase, up to 3 Cash Collect™ symbols can appear. Each Cash Collect™ symbol will award the prize on the Inner Wheel.

Example: If +5 appears on the Inner Wheel, along with 3 Cash Collect™ symbols, you will win +15 initial spins.

When the Bonus starts, you will see a bonus table with 36 slots, a big cell with Cash Collect™ symbol at the left and 4 prize multiplier values above the table.

A 3×4 initial layout will be open, and all other positions will be locked.

Any Cash Collect™ symbol and Key symbol appearing simultaneously in view will unlock 1 lock from each side in the next spin.

There are 5 symbols that can land during the feature:

  • Cash Collect™ symbol.
  • The symbol displaying x(number) is the Multiplier symbol. For example, an x0.5 symbol.
  • The symbol displaying +(number) is the Free Spins symbol. For example, a +2 symbol.
  • Cash Collect™ Prize symbols (Mini/Minor/Major/Grand).
  • Key symbol.

Clicking the SPIN button will decrease the number of spins left by 1, and spin all the positions (including those that shows prizes, excepts the Cash Collect™ symbol that freeze for 3 spins), displaying either a random prize, or a blank space.

When a Cash Collect™ symbol lands, it will stay for 3 spins.

Note: After every spin, the counter will decrease by one, and after 3 spins, the Cash Collect™ will unfreeze and be removed from the reels.

Every Cash Collect™ symbol on screen will collect all coins in unlocked positions.

Example: If, in a current spin, you have 2 Cash Collect™ symbols + multiplier coin (X5) + (+2) coin + Minor, each Cash Collect™ will collect the X5, the +2 and the Minor (X50). The total win in this spin will be: x50+x50+x5+x5 + (+2+2 more spins). As a result, you win a payout worth X110 and get 4 more spins.

The Cash Collect™ Bonus ends when there are no more spins left, even if there are Cash Collect™ symbols that supposed to stay for more spins.

Cash Collect™ Prizes

Simultaneously landing a Cash Collect™ symbol and a Prize symbol during the Cash Collect™ Bonus will trigger a Cash Collect™ Prize.

There are 4 types of prizes that can be won: GRAND, MAJOR, MINOR and MINI.

Each prize is a fixed amount based on the bet value.

Cash Collect™ Boost

Cash Collect™ Boost is a special event in the game Cash Collect™ Roulette.

Cash Collect™ Boost increases the chance to trigger the Cash Collect™ Bonus.

When Cash Collect™ Boost event is activated, a range of 12 lucky numbers are randomly selected (1st 12/2nd 12/3rd 12/2 to 1) during a spin.

Note: Either 12 lucky numbers + 0 (“Zero”), or only 12 lucky numbers can be selected during the Cash Collect™ Boost event.

Cash Collect™ Blast

Cash Collect™ Blast is a special event in the game Cash Collect™ Roulette.

Cash Collect™ Blast increases the chance to trigger the Cash Collect™ Bonus.

When Cash Collect™ Blast event is activated, 18 lucky numbers are randomly selected (Red/Black/Even/Odd/1-18/19-36) during a spin.

Note: Either 18 lucky numbers + 0 (“Zero”), or only 18 lucky numbers can be selected during the Cash Collect™ Blast event.

Pros & Cons

  • Buy Free Spins
  • Extremally high evaluated – 4.65
  • Design is fine
  • Max Win – x10000.00
  • The slot was commended for his quality
  • €/$0.10 per spin is a starting bet in the Cash Collect Roulette
  • Basic standard of RTP
  • High volatility level

Screenshots of Cash Collect Roulette slot

Cash Collect Roulette Slot FAQs

Can I play Cash Collect Roulette free slot?
Definitely, our platform offers the opportunity to enjoy a demo version of Cash Collect Roulette without any need for signing up. Moreover, any online casino that collaborates with Playtech would grant users unrestricted entry to the test mode, completely free of charge.
Do I need to download anything to play Cash Collect Roulette demo slot?
No, you don't need to download anything. You can play the demo version of the Cash Collect Roulette slot right on our website.
Is it possible to earn real money by playing the Cash Collect Roulette slot game?
Totally, you'll need a verified account on a gambling website to engage in Cash Collect Roulette with real money and have a chance to score genuine profits.
What is the best place to play Cash Collect Roulette?
When considering trial sessions of Cash Collect Roulette, any reliable casino or gambling platform like Gamblenexus should suffice. But, when real money is involved, it is crucial to opt for a licensed operator with a solid reputation and great services. The ideal casino choice may differ based on individual tastes and preferences.
Can I play Cash Collect Roulette slot on mobile phone?
Sure, you can enjoy Cash Collect Roulette slot on your mobile device! This slot game is perfectly optimized for mobile play, so you can have fun on any gadget you prefer.
How to succeed in playing Cash Collect Roulette?
This thrilling licensed online slot operates with unpredictable outcomes, and your key to victory lies solely in favorable fortune. Familiarize yourself with the paytable to grasp the various winning possibilities and their respective rewards.
Is the demo version of Cash Collect Roulette by Playtech the same as the real version?
Yes, the demo version has the same gameplay, graphics, and features as the real version. The only difference is that you can’t win real money in the demo version.

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