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Big Bass Crash

Big Bass Crash Slot Review


18+ | Terms Apply | Play Responsibly

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Big Bass Crash Free Demo Game

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Basic Information

Release Date
Max Win
Min Bet
Max Bet

Game Rules



Big Bass Crash is an entertaining online multiplayer game of the “Crash” type. It is a game of chance featuring a multiplier with an initial value of 1.00x increasing up to a random predetermined value before the Crash happens.

The of the game is to cash out before the Crash occurs to win your bet multiplied by the current value of the multiplier. Join our restless fisherman in his attempt to catch the biggest bass ever!

How to Play

To play, select a bet amount and confirm your bet by clicking/tapping the CONFIRM BET button. Your total bet in the current round will be displayed in the Total Bet window.

When the betting time ends, the multiplier is displayed with the initial value of 1.00x. The multiplier then starts to increase, slower at the start but at a faster rate as it goes higher. While it is increasing, you have the possibility to cash out all at once or half first and half later.

The later you cash out, the bigger your winnings are, but make sure to do this before the Crash. When the Crash occurs, the game round ends, and any amount not cashed out by then is lost.


  • If the Crash occurs at the value of 1.00x, then all bets placed in that round are automatically lost.
  • If you hit the 5000x multiplier, all the remaining bets in the game will be paid out automatically.

If you cash out before the Crash, you win the amount of the bet that you decided to cash out multiplied by the current multiplier. Your win amount will be displayed in the winning notification on your screen. For more information, see the sections “Cashing out” and “Auto Cashout and 50% Auto Cashout”.

Once you cash out, the current game is over for you and you can start placing bets for the upcoming round.


The multiplier always starts at the value of 1.00x and increases until the Crash occurs at a random predetermined multiplier value. The maximum Crash multiplier value is 5000x.

Note: Depending on whichever of the following two is reached first, the maximum possible payout in this game is 4,999:1 (5000x) or the currency equivalent of €500,000. The game continues after the maximum payout is reached.


Placing Bets

The minimum and maximum bets allowed are displayed next to the game name.

bbc limits

The Game Information Indicator informs you of the game status.

WAIT FOR THE NEXT GAME is displayed when you join the game after betting time has ended or if you have not placed any bets in the current round. While watching the current round as a spectator, you may start placing your bet for the next game round.

Wait For Next Game

bbc wait

NEXT GAME IN is displayed when bets are open for the current game round.

Next Game in 10s

bbb next

Once the betting time is over, the bets are closed, and all betting areas become inactive if you have confirmed your bet.

Bet Accepted

bbc accepted

The Quick Bets option allows you to top up the value of your current bet faster. Click/tap the Quick Bets to add the displayed amount to your total bet. Only those Quick Bets that can be covered with your current Balance are enabled.

bbc quickbet

Click/tap the Double button to double your bet up to the maximum limit.

bbc double

The Undo button removes the most recent change you made to your bet in the current game round. Clicking/tapping the Undo button repeatedly removes changes one by one, with the most recent change removed first.

bbc undo

The Balance indicator shows your available funds and currency. Your balance has to be sufficient to cover your bet. If your balance is not updated (after placing bets, losing or winning), please refresh your game.

The Cashier button will open the Cashier window for deposits and withdrawals. On mobile devices the Cashier button is available inside the game Menu.

bbc cashier

The Total Bet indicator shows the total value of all bets placed in the current game round. Each game round is identified by a unique Game ID number. The Time indicator shows your current local time.

bbc id

Please use the game ID number for reference (or take a screenshot of the game number) if there are any questions and you wish to contact Customer Service.

Cashing out

Once your bet is accepted, you are participating in the current game round and making one of the following decisions: CASHOUT or CASHOUT 50%.

bbc cashingout

When you click/tap “CASHOUT” or “CASHOUT 50%”, a payout request is triggered, which is further settled at the current value of the multiplier at the time it is processed by the game server, providing that the Crash has not occurred.

  • When you choose to “CASHOUT 50%” you have the option to secure half of your current bet and continue playing with the other half, potentially cashing it out later at a higher multiplier value.
  • If you click/tap this button before the Crash, a confirmation process from the game server is triggered. When your request is validated, your final winning amount is settled according to the current multiplier. The bet field will then automatically update to reflect the new value of your remaining bet.
  • To cash out the second half of your bet, click/tap the “CASHOUT” button before the Crash occurs.

Auto Cashout and 50% Auto Cashout

Use the toggle on the panel on your screen to enable “Auto Cashout” and/or “50% Auto Cashout” during the betting time.

bbc autocaashout

The minimum value to set is 1.01x, and the maximum is 4999.99x, as there is no Crash at 5000.00x, resulting in an auto payout of all bets remaining in the game.

NOTE: Activating Auto Cashout / Auto Cashout 50% guarantees paying the selected multiplier if it is less or equal to the Crash multiplier.

If you have selected both auto cashout options, please note that the value set for the “50% Auto Cashout” must be less than the value set for the “Auto Cashout”, and it will change accordingly when “Auto Cashout” is adjusted and disabled when “Auto Cashout” equals 1.01x.

If these options are activated, your payout is processed based on the game result and “Auto Cashout”/ “50% Auto Cashout” predefined values.

Once the game round starts, you can no longer modify these settings, but you can still use the CASHOUT / CASHOUT 50% buttons to cash out at smaller values of your choice manually.

Enabled Auto Cashout options are displayed on mobile as a scaled-down view after your bet is accepted.

bbc auto


The Autoplay feature enables you to automatically repeat your bets for a selected number of game rounds. To activate the Autoplay feature, place your bet, set the Auto Cashout value and click/tap the Autoplay button.

bbc autoplay

The Autoplay window will then open, and from here you can simply select the number of game rounds you would like your bet to be repeated in. Depending on your casino jurisdiction, some additional settings may be available.

After clicking/tapping the Start button, Autoplay will begin. Your selected number of Autoplay rounds will be displayed as an indicator on the Modify Autoplay button. The number of remaining Autoplay rounds will automatically update.

bbc autoplay2

While Autoplay is running, your bet gets automatically confirmed every new game round so that you can no longer change your bet amount or Auto Cashout settings. You need to cancel your bet to modify any of these.

To stop the Autoplay feature, open the Autoplay window and click/tap the Stop button.

The Autoplay feature is stopped automatically in the following cases:

  • The selected number of Autoplay rounds reaches 0. You will be notified with an on-screen message.
  • Your balance is too low to continue Autoplay.
  • One or more of the Stop Autoplay triggers occur: balance decreases, balance increases or single win exceeds your selected value applied in settings.

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical Return to Player in Big Bass Crash game is 95.50%.

Last Results

The Last Results panel shows the Crash values from the most recent game rounds. Each round displayed in Last results has three general statuses:

  • Countdown (betting time)
  • IN PLAY (from Bets Closed until the end of the game round)
  • The coloured result tile displays the Crash multiplier
bbc lastresults


The Leaderboard is a dynamically updated list of players who placed bets during the current game round, their bet amounts, reached multipliers and cashed sums.

CASHOUT / AUTO CASHOUT and CASHOUT 50% / 50% AUTO CASHOUT transactions are displayed with relevant indicators: half-filled show 50% cashouts and filled show full cashouts.

bbc leaderboard

The summary of the Leaderboard shows the total number of active players in the current game round, the total number of players who cashed out and the total amount of their winnings.

While bets are open, the Leaderboard summary also displays the number of players with confirmed bets and their total bet amount.

bbc leadsum


Click/tap the Statistics button to open and view Statistics.

bbc stats

The LAST RESULTS panel shows the values of up to 500 most recent Crash multipliers.

bbc lasttable

Click/tap the result tile to see more details about that result:

  • Timestamp of the game round.
  • Hash string: this is a hash sent before the start of the game round. You can use it to verify that the result of the round is fair.
  • Result string: a string containing the result. It is sent at the end of the game round. By hashing this string with SHA256, you will obtain the hash string above, confirming that the Crash result has not been altered during the round.
bbc result

The CHARTS panel shows the range of result distribution. Use the slider to change the number of the most recent rounds to generate the charts.

bbc charts

Pros & Cons

  • Buy Free Spins
  • Extremally high evaluated – 7.9
  • Design is fine
  • Max Win – x5000.00
  • The slot was commended for his quality
  • €/$1 per spin is a starting bet in the Big Bass Crash
  • Basic standard of RTP
  • High volatility level

Big Bass Crash Paytable and Symbols


Screenshots of Big Bass Crash slot

Big Bass Crash Slot FAQs

Can I play Big Bass Crash free slot?
Definitely, our platform offers the opportunity to enjoy a demo version of Big Bass Crash without any need for signing up. Moreover, any online casino that collaborates with Pragmatic Play would grant users unrestricted entry to the test mode, completely free of charge.
Do I need to download anything to play Big Bass Crash demo slot?
No, you don't need to download anything. You can play the demo version of the Big Bass Crash slot right on our website.
Is it possible to earn real money by playing the Big Bass Crash slot game?
Totally, you'll need a verified account on a gambling website to engage in Big Bass Crash with real money and have a chance to score genuine profits.
What is the best place to play Big Bass Crash?
When considering trial sessions of Big Bass Crash, any reliable casino or gambling platform like Gamblenexus should suffice. But, when real money is involved, it is crucial to opt for a licensed operator with a solid reputation and great services. The ideal casino choice may differ based on individual tastes and preferences.
Can I play Big Bass Crash slot on mobile phone?
Sure, you can enjoy Big Bass Crash slot on your mobile device! This slot game is perfectly optimized for mobile play, so you can have fun on any gadget you prefer.
How to succeed in playing Big Bass Crash?
This thrilling licensed online slot operates with unpredictable outcomes, and your key to victory lies solely in favorable fortune. Familiarize yourself with the paytable to grasp the various winning possibilities and their respective rewards.
Is the demo version of Big Bass Crash by Pragmatic Play the same as the real version?
Yes, the demo version has the same gameplay, graphics, and features as the real version. The only difference is that you can’t win real money in the demo version.

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